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Russia, Moscow

OJSC "RPC "RECOD" was created at the initiative of Roskosmos and Rosimushchestvo for the purposes of efficiency increase of domestic space potential usage on the basis of complex space providing for the end users.

Main directions and operating results:

- implementation of complex projects on creation of prototypes of standard systems and hardware-software complexes on the basis of GLONASS/GPS system and other results of space activities, including regional systems of high-precision positioning with client applications;

- carrying out system scientific researches focused on determination of various end users requirements in results of space activities, substantiation of rational ways and mechanisms of space products and services implementation in practice of social and economic activities of regions of the Russian Federation and population;

- scientific and methodical management of development and implementation of regional special-purpose programs of space activities results usage;

- REKOD Basic geoinformation platform development and deployment, and also the application software based on processing of DDZZ.

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